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Dead heat - apologise, but

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Detective Nick Matheson asks Jo questions and she hands him all the information she has in the hope this will help in their investigation, but Jo has seen the killers face and now her life could be in danger.

Nick knows he must protect Jo, but with the body count rising will he be able to keep her safe as well as everyone else who is close to him.

Her description about the outback along with the suspense in this book will have you turning the pages quickly as you want to know what happens.

View all 4 comments. Feb 25, Brenda rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jo Lockwood has only been in her new job for a few months, and she loves it.

After the police descended on the site, Jo left them to their forensic searching, while she took a breather. Detective Nick Matheson interviewed her, and discovered her to be a credible witness, with her powers of observation extremely helpful.

But Nick was just returning to duty after being badly injured a few months back, and he had a bad feeling about this murder As the investigation progressed, and the body count grew, the danger to Jo and her ranger friends escalated.

As Nick tried to protect Jo, he found himself under pressure to produce results. The high summer temperatures, the deliberately lit bushfires, the criminals who were getting more and more desperate to eliminate all witnesses, all culminated in an extreme race for survival.

This was my first novel by Bronwyn Parry, and I loved it I was very fortunate to meet Bronwyn and have Dead Heat autographed by her.

View all 8 comments. National Parks ranger Jo Lockwood stumbles across a body at an isolated picnic ground, the young man had been tortured before his death and drugs are found at the scene.

Detective Nick Matheson is brought in to investigate and with his past experience as an undercover officer, recognises that Jo is at risk from the assassin, especially as the body count rises and it becomes clear there is a leak in the task force.

Threatened by police corruption, bush fire and a ruthless gang of drug crazed killers, Jo and Nick are forced to fight for their lives.

With its somewhat grisly opening, it quickly becomes clear that Dead Heat places the emphasis on the suspense elements of the book.

The country is often viewed as an idyllic setting free from the crime that plagues urban centers but Parry demonstrates it is also an ideal setting for illegal activity given its isolation.

This is a strongly plotted novel that incorporates organised crime, police corruption, gang activity and murder in a fast paced and exciting story.

The threat from a sniper keeps the tension wound tight as does the brutality of the deaths of those connected with the case, the violence is not gratuitous but is fairly explicit.

There are some great twists, a conscienceless killer means his moves are unpredictable, and while not all of the elements of the plot are credible, the action keeps the pages turning.

I had expected that Jo would be the key protagonist of Dead Heat but she shares the role with Nick and the third person perspective means we know what they are both thinking and feeling.

I liked Jo but her characters reserve prevented me from identifying strongly with her. The romantic relationship between Jo and Nick relies on a physical attraction that is intensified by the tense circumstances they find themselves in.

Bronwyn Parry is another author I have discovered thanks to the Australian Women Writers challenge, this is her third book and I have every intention of reading the first two, As Darkness Falls and Dark Country.

Dead Heat is an exciting and engaging blend of crime, suspense and romantic fiction, with interesting characters and a fast paced story in an uniquely Australia setting.

Aug 13, Jess rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have a slight confession to make, until recently I had never heard of Bronwyn Parry and thus never read of any her work.

Set within rural NSW, Dead Heat is the story of Jo Lockwood, a National Park Ranger, who despite having been in town for a couple o I have a slight confession to make, until recently I had never heard of Bronwyn Parry and thus never read of any her work.

She thrives on it in fact. That is until one day while making her rounds in the newly opened National Park she stumbles across the discovery of a brutally murdered body and her world is thrown into chaos.

None of which bodes well for poor Jo Lockwood with evidence quickly emerging to suggest she may be the next target. So together, Lockwood and Matheson are thrown together on one hell of a rollarcoaster ride to not only solve the initial crime, but to stop the criminal master minds from hurting anybody else — especially where Jo Lockwood may be concerned.

From the get go, Dead Heat is one hell of a page turner, so much so that I found myself reluctant to put the book down for even a second, little know to get some sleep and go to work.

The story is a captivating mix of suspense and romance, where refreshingly enough, nothing seems too forced. The characters themselves are for the most part well rounded, both characters revealing certain strengths and weakness as the story develops, and their romance is neither forced nor rushed.

In fact, for most of the book it sort of just dangles there, slightly out of reach for both characters, and although the strength of their connection is illustrated, Parry wisely distances herself from forcing the characters into a relationship too quickly and too conveniently.

Instead, she allows their connection, and emotions, to develop naturally over time, creating a well rounded set of characters and novel she has the same natural progression with the story itself.

The likeness to the places, and the people, were captured so perfectly that I could help but nod my head in agreement at some of the remarks throughout the novel.

At times, I even found myself in awe almost at the way in which Parry not only represented these towns, their communities and the landscape, but the way in which each and everyone of them were utilised almost as characters themselves.

I mean at times, it simply felt as though once could only discuss Australian fiction if they were discussing it terms of the landscape, because nothing else ever really mattered and you could never rate a piece of work based on anything else for it, nor could you talk about Australian writing or so it seemed if you did not highlight and talk exclusively about place, the landscape etc..

Now, having travelled rurally around the country, I understand a bit of the concept in terms of how the place and landscape makes the people who they are in an exclusively Australian setting.

The initial murder may never have been discovered because people the country is so vast and isoalted.

Its this twist on what known and often stereotypical the land as one, quiet, beautiful and isolated that really works for Parry and makes the story and the writing stand out so much more.

Mar 29, Sally rated it it was amazing Shelves: Bronwyn Parry is fast becoming one of my must buy authors. I am very reluctant to call this book a romance.

Sure there is attraction between the two main characters but the focus is on suspense and murder with the opening murder being a grizzly one indeed.

National Parks ranger Jo Lockwood stumbles across a mutilated body in an isolated park in north-west region of New South Wales while on a routine inspection of camping grounds.

The victim had been tortured before his death and a stash of drugs Bronwyn Parry is fast becoming one of my must buy authors. The victim had been tortured before his death and a stash of drugs are found near the scene.

Detective Nick Matheson is brought in to investigate the crime and soon realises that that Jo is at risk from the murderer as it would appear she had spoken to him without realizing it.

As the body count rises it becomes clear there is a leak in the task force. Jo and Nick have to find out where the murderer, and his increasingly growing gang, is and stop him.

They also have to battle against snipers, bushfires and finally one-on-one combat as they struggle to expose police corruption and thwart an illegal drug smuggling route being set up.

This is a fast-paced and exciting story with some unexpected twists that kept me on the edge of my seat for a four hour flight.

View all 3 comments. By no means a recluse or an introvert, she loves her job and prefers the tranquillity of the scrub.

That tranquil world is turned upside down when, on a routine inspection of one of the park camping grounds, she discovers that it has been well and truly trashed.

Nick Matheson, our hero, a man with great inner strength and discipline, arrives on the scene. Haunted by his own dark past and emotionally stretched by past events, for 10 years he has lived immersed in undercover roles and it appears that little else remains of the man he once knew.

With the body count continuing to rise, we are drawn into a tale where danger lurks at every corner and there are some close encounters that will leave you breathless with anticipation as the killer and his brazen cohorts close in on Jo, making attempts on her life, but with Nick, who is determined to keep her safe, close behind.

Not detracting at all from the main storyline, where corruption, bush fires, violence, drugs and murder merge to form the basis for extreme suspense and intrigue, Bronwyn Parry has tastefully and tenderly written the bringing together of these two emotionally wounded characters.

Dead Heat is the first book by Bronwyn Parry that I have had the pleasure of reading, and I did so as part of a group reading challenge on Goodreads.

Boy am I glad I did, as I have just discovered another brilliant Aussie writer who has earned herself a place on my bookshelves.

Feb 23, Jenny Schwartz rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dead Heat by Bronwyn Parry is a gem. This is first class romantic suspense with well-developed main characters, no shying away from hard choices and hard lives, and high tension with believable and dramatic action.

But what really sold me was the vividly Australian setting. The little details made both place and characters come alive. Having started the book, I read it in one gulp.

Mar 18, Lauren K rated it it was amazing Shelves: Bronwyn Parry is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors and alongside a handful of other Australian authors has also made me fall in love with the romantic suspense crime genre.

Dead Heat is an action packed, suspenseful story set in the wilderness of the north-west region of New South Wales. Jo Lockwood is a woman passionate about nature and takes her job as a National Parks Ranger, very seriously.

When she stumbles across the mutilated dead body of a man in her beloved parklands she is de Bronwyn Parry is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors and alongside a handful of other Australian authors has also made me fall in love with the romantic suspense crime genre.

When she stumbles across the mutilated dead body of a man in her beloved parklands she is determined to help Detective Nick Matheson in his new position with the local police network to find the killer.

Jo and Nick are intriguing characters who at the outset are distant and detached but actually have many layers of complexities and many defences built up over the years with the aim to protect themselves and those they love.

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Dead Heat CJ Carver. A champion high school rugby player has a secret desire to be a ballet dancer, having spent 11 years in ballet school. An Army medic brings his girlfriend to stay with him at an out of the way Vietnam outpost in , the woman disappears one day and he begins searching for her.

Ray knows the horse is a champion. Before they can win some money, a local mob boss, Frank Finnigan, sees the horse and steals it as payment for the gambling debt of Tony, a local jockey and single parent.

Can Pally and Ray get the horse back, get Tony out of hock, and win some moola? The story seems to wander a lot, but somehow holds together enough to be enjoyable.

The mixture of comedy and violence at times does not work well, and is the main fault I have with "Dead Heat". Kiefer Sutherland and Anthony LaPaglia have good chemistry when the film is in comedy mode, but their relationship loses steam as the drama increases.

Daniel Benzali deserves special mention. He is excellent as the heavy. The racing scenes are unpolished, and by the way, what racetrack keeps horses in a corral?

The on again, off again, love interest between Kiefer and and Radha Mitchell is somewhat redundant and could have been trimmed. Plus, we hear why more than one celeb wants to be snowed in with Idris Elba.

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